If you are looking for a coach who is authentic, truly believes in his work and how it can help your child in badminton, Derrick is definitely a coach you should choose. From a parent's experience, Derrick is fully invested, 100% committed and completely listens to what you are saying and responds back responsibly aligned to your child development. My children were nobodies a year ago but after Derrick’s coaching, one child became top 10 in the national rankings, and the other became #1 ranked in the USA for U15 singles .

Li Li Purnomo


It is definitely worth it to train with Coach Derrick. His training is very effective. I feel that every time I come to the lesson, he has a plan to improve one badminton area, from shots to footwork. Coach Derrick has helped me improve a lot. His training can be tiring. He trains you very hard, and brings out your best. I always look forward to having his lesson. It's fun and I know over time it makes me better badminton player.

Mitchell Purnomo

2022 U15 BS USA Ranked #1

Coach Derrick is an excellent coach. Two years ago, my badminton skill was just below average and I even lost to someone younger. Then, I met Coach Derrick. It was different. Other coach just saw me as someone unskilled in badminton. Instead, Coach Derrick believed in me at the time. I worked hard under him regularly to remedy many basic badminton basic. Now, I have improved a lot. I am more confident playing badminton with my friends and even some adult. To my surprise, I was able to win a local junior tournament last year. I enjoy training with Coach Derrick. He pushes you to do your best by fixing your weakness. At the same time, you can also have a lot of fun with him.

David Purnomo

2019 BS U15 OLC Champion

Coach Derrick has helped me grow so much as a badminton player. He’s helped pinpoint the areas that need the most work and takes time to make sure I learn it properly. Each class is something I looked forward to each week as I could always count on him to help me refine a skill and learn new techniques.

Jojo Wong

Student & Jr. Lead Coach at Bellevue Badminton Club

I’m absolutely honored to have the opportunity to train with Derrick. He is very experienced both from his professional career and his long years of a coaching career. He can always identify the mistakes. Furthermore, he can notice the root of my error. It could be a misplaced thumb on the racket or could be the angle of my foot when I took the step. Then he shows me a variety of ways to correct my mistakes, and trust me; he can find the best method for you. And I left each session feeling exhilarated. He is also very patient and creates a friendly learning environment that I would never hesitate to ask him. His passion and expertise are second to none. And I’m grateful to work with Derrick.

Jerry Feng


I first met Derrick Ng over a decade ago when I moved across Canada to join a badminton training academy. While I was in awe with his badminton skill, what I remember most about that experience was his empathy. Even though I was the weakest member of that group, Derrick always made time to work with me before and after practice, sometimes even driving me home or taking phone calls for mentorship. Derrick’s resumé and athletic background speaks for itself, but what makes him truly special is his deep understanding of human potential, and his non judgmental approach to helping guide athletes on their journey. I can state with certainty that Derrick’s lessons contributed significantly to my Badminton career, and now in the consulting work I do with high level athletes across the globe.”

Luke Couture

Former Canadian National Competitor

I had Derrick as my badminton coach when I use to live in Seattle. I came to Derrick as a beginner player as I have not trained or really played before. He was very patient and took me step by step to develop my badminton technique and footwork. Each lesson is a learning experience as well as a vigorous workout. Only after 7 weeks, I was able to rally consistently and hit a wide variety of shots around the court. Derrick really knows how to teach and is a very good coach! Also, not only did he coach me badminton, he became a good friend to me as well. I would highly recommend Derrick as a coach and wish I could continue training with him.

Ethan Wang


Derrick was a successful player, team captain, and coach of the Vancouver College/Little Flower Academy (VC/LFA) joint badminton team, from 2002-2009, while I was the teacher sponsor of this interscholastic organization. During his tenure, the team captured four second-place finishes at the provincial championships, eventually winning the championship in 2008 while he was the third-year head coach. The British Columbia School Sports (BCSS) league typically puts over one hundred teams on courts across the province from September to April, from both public and independent schools. The VC/LFA team re-started in 2001 after a twenty-year hiatus, and enjoyed unprecedented success during Derrick’s tenure as player (2003-2005), captain (2004-2005) and coach (2005-2009). Our boys’ school is 97 years old (the girls’ school is 80 years old), and has just a single provincial championship banner for badminton hanging from the rafters of our storied gymnasiums; Derrick, as head coach, was instrumental to our team capturing not only the four runner-up finishes, but our first and only provincial championship. Some school officials, who have tracked statistics on all of our schools’ sports teams, have told me that the badminton team, during 2001-2009, has the highest winning percentage across the gamut of any of the sporting endeavors we carry at our institution, from football to rowing. During the run to our provincial championship in 2008, we had an undefeated 19-0 season and post-season. I was able to see first-hand how Derrick evolved substantially as a player, captain, and then coach during the time he volunteered on behalf of our schools, from a half-motivated player into to a driven young coach who was well-respected, sometimes feared, and well-loved by our rosters, be they starters to third-string players. For his and his family’s contributions to badminton at our school, I nominated him for inclusion in our school’s Hall of Fame. Although I am no longer directly involved with the program, I still have fond, if not clear feelings and memories of my time with the team and Derrick, and was honored to be a part of the unfurling dynasty he imprinted upon VC/LFA badminton.

Ben Kim

Teacher & Badminton Team Sponsor

I have heard of Derrick as the best badminton player in Pan-America before I started working with him. Once working with Derrick, I quickly realized why he is the best and am grateful for the opportunity to work with and be mentored by him. Derrick has incredible technique crucial to the development of high-performing players and is quite comprehensive with off-court training and nutrition as well. I have seen the dedication and methods Derrick has applied to his students and it is without surprise why he has grown a loyal following of athletes who have improved at an impressive rate. Derrick’s attention to detail and quality differs him above the rest since nobody else have spent the time or gained the experience Derrick has by committing to the sport.

Thomas Yang

Coach - RichmondPro Badminton Club

Mr. Ng has the most impressive resumé I have seen when looking to fill our Head Coach position. To summarize, Mr. Ng has 25+ years playing and training experience and 15+ years coaching experience. International training experience is extremely difficult to find yet Mr. Ng exceeds that by having international training experience from several countries. Knowing different styles of coaching and teaching is an asset that not many have and it has grown to be a valuable asset to our Centre. Mr. Ng’s students range from as young as five to as old as 60+ with the majority of his students in their teens. Mr. Ng’s scope of students is more focused on high performance catering to those training to be competitive athletes. Mr. Ng also has the highest student retention rate and is always fully booked with a waiting list within our Centre.

Tony Kuo

Manager & Course Coordinator - RichmondPro Badminton Club

Derrick is one of the best coaches that I have learned from. He customizes the lessons towards my ability and needs. Whenever he teaches a technique that is new to me, he is able to explain in a variety of ways how to execute it and why it's done that way until I completely understand it. When I initially found it difficult to learn the footwork, he broke it down into manageable pieces that I could easily grasp. Furthermore, Derrick easily identifies problem areas that are hard to notice on my own. For example, I tended to step as fast possible towards the shuttle no matter the speed of the opponent's shot, which caused me to have to stop and go often. He pointed out that I should adjust the speed of my steps to match the shuttle so I can move continuously, and hence be more energy efficient. Besides the technical aspects, Derrick is a friendly, down to earth, and extremely patient person to train with.

Yang Jiao


Coach Derrick is one of the hardest workers I know. His passion and energy are infectious, and he constantly inspires me to push harder than I think I can. Training with Derrick, you get the sense that he really cares about all his students. He has played an important part in my junior badminton career, and I am grateful for his support both on and off court.

Jacob Zhang

USA U19 National Singles Champion, USA Jr. National Team